Friday, May 4, 2012

Foster Homes Needed!

Meet Nutmeg, Ravyn, and Arlo. These stunning cats are looking for foster homes. We pulled these stunning cats from a high kill facility and are looking to move them to foster homes until they are able to find their forever homes.  All three  are young adults and would make wonderful companions! Nutmeg and Arlo are young males, and Ravyn is a Sexy Black girl. They will make someone's family complete, but in the mean time they would like to have a little room to stretch their legs and to get out of the vet's office where they have been living for far too long.




 As you may know Virtually Home is a network of foster homes, so we depend on the generousness to help us save more cats. Therefore, we are always looking for more foster homes so we can save more cats. We have no shelter to house the cats, all our cats stay at our vet's office until they are able to find a foster home, or are adopted.  Of course the vet's office is a much better option than the facility where they were, but it is still a cage. 

Please help these three handsome boys stretch their legs and get out of cages until they are able to find their forever home. Fostering a rescued cat is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do, because you will truly be saving a life. Virtually Home provides all the medical care for our cats. Food and other supplies are provided as needed. Which means all you have to do is provide a safe place for your foster cat, and some belly rubs and playtime for a very grateful cat. What could be easier or more rewarding?

 We understand that not everyone can foster, it's not for everyone. It is a rewarding experience though, and a great way to help out a cat in need. All you have to do is provide a home and some love for these beautiful boys until they find a forever home! Please consider opening your home to a foster cat. Contact Cindy via e-mail or by calling her at 773.203.0215.

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