Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Adopt Me of the Week: Junebug, Pippi & Pepper

Meet Junebug, Pippi & Pepper, three of the sweetest cats you will ever meet. All three adore people, each other and playtime! You may have heard of this trio earlier this summer; they recently lost their foster home when their foster mom moved to a smaller apartment and could no longer care for them. Despite a desperate search for a new foster home, we were unable to find someone willing to adopt or foster any of these babies. They are currently boarding at our vet, where they are very nervous.

Junebug, Pippi & Pepper are a bonded trio, however we understand how hard it can be to take on three new cats, so we are willing to separate the girls. All three girls would do best in a home with another cat, even if that other cat is not one of her sisters.

Junebug is a curious, interactive cat. She loves to interact with people and whatever it is those people are doing. She was always trying to find a way to help her former foster mom get her tasks done quicker, and we all know just how useful kitty help can be. If she is not helping you complete whatever task is at hand Junebug will most likely be curled up in your lap, she simply LOVES laps. How can anyone say no to those big golden eyes of her's? Junebug is not picky though, if you are too busy she will just go find someone else to play with. She spends lots of time trying to get the attention of her sisters so she can play with them. Even if Junebug is not adopted with one of her sisters, she would do best in a home with a feline companion, she adores other cats as much as she adores people. How

Pippi stands out amongst her sisters. As a brown tabby/tortie mix that is not hard to do, especially when your sisters are both black cats. Don't let Pippi's multitude of colors let her overshadow her sisters though. She loves them both, she loves people too. If anything is going to make Pippi overshadow her sisters it will be with all the love and eagerness she has! Pippi has a love of life and everything that comes with it: laps, playtime, getting pets, her sisters, high spaces! It's all so wonderful to Pippi. If she is not demanding you give her your lap or wrestling with her sisters Pippi can be found looking out a window. Windows are wonderful, she will even give you a play by play of everything she sees outside!

At first glance Pepper may seem to be a quiet girl. She loves to stare out of the windows, and is a bit nervous when first meeting people. Don't let appearances deceive you! Pepper is a ferocious hunter just waiting for the right moment to strike! If you want to get Pepper's attention, all you have to do is pull out a toy. She loves to play! Anything she can chase or chew on is sure to be a hit, including her sisters; she loves to wrestle with her sisters. Pepper loves people, she just needs some time to warm up to you. Not everyone can be outgoing! Once Pepper has warmed up to you she will expect you to admire her by rubbing her back. She is an expert at stretching out to get the maximum amount of back rubs possible! Pepper simply adores her sisters.

Junebug, Pippi & Pepper are all a little on the shy side in new situations and when meeting new people. Their former foster mom says they warm up very quickly though. These girls are the type of cats whom Chicago Cat Rescue was created for. Black cats, such as Pepper and Junebug, have a much harder time getting adopted. Also difficult to adopt out are quiet cats like these sisters. Not the first to approach people, Junebug, Pippi & Pepper would be overlooked in most shelter environments. That's one of the many benefits of foster homes, we get to know our cats and adopters can see the true personalities of cats in "natural environment"--a comfy home. 

Even if you cannot adopt any of these little girls, please consider fostering them. They are desperate to get out of a cage, and we are desperate to get them into a good home! Contact us if you are at all interested in adopting or fostering any of these sweet, lovable girls.

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