Thursday, July 19, 2012

Adopt Me of the Week: Lulu's Gang!

If you have been following Chicago Cat Rescue's Facebook page you will be familiar with these cute little faces. (And if you haven't been following us on Facebook, j­­­oin us now!)  Lulu's Gang are ready for adoption!   If you haven’t, been following us meet Duncan, Hattie, Peter, Peanut, Patrick, Goose, and Georgie. With seven kittens though, it’s just easier to refer to them in the collective as Lulu’s Gang.  This litter of six boys and one girl are your typical kittens. Full of energy and trouble, they love to run around and will keep you entertained for hours!

Whether they are chasing toys or each other, pouncing on balls or tails, these high energy babies love to run, jump and explore. Eager to live every moment of life, these babies hardly ever stop moving. When they do stop playing, it’s like someone pulled the batteries out of them, everyone just collapses all at once. Running and playing are fun, naptime and snuggles are great too. When they are not playing or exploring, you will most likely find them sprawled out in kitten piles together, building up their energy reserves for the next lap around the room.  Can you imagine what that nursery room sounds like? Seven kittens running, jumping, climbing and wrestling-Yikes! What must Lulu be thinking while she watches her little ones play?

Oliver when he was first introduced to Lulu and co.
Poor Lulu, having to raise seven babies! What a lot of work she had.  As if seven babies weren’t enough for Lulu she adopted an eighth kitten, Oliver, who needed mother’s love. Oliver is a beautiful orange tabby boy who is also looking for a home. Lulu and her kittens took Oliver in like he was always one of the family.  Lulu has been an exceptional mother, and it is time for her babies to move on to their own life. As with all mother’s Lulu is also ready to move on with her life. Lulu is feral, and now that she has raised her babies to be healthy, strapping young kittens, it is time for her to move on as well. She was spayed, vaccinated and relocated to a barn where she will spend the rest of her days in the company of other feral cats, enjoying the only life she will truly ever be comfortable with.  

Hattie, the only girl in the gang!
Lulu’s Gang are almost ready for adoption! These eight rambunctious kittens would do best in a home where they have another cat to play with, either a sibling or a new big brother or sister! To learn more about meet Oliver, Duncan, Hattie, Peter, Peanut, Patrick, Goose, or Georgie give us a call! You can reach us at 773.203.0215 or you can find our adoptable cats on

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