Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Adopt Me! of the week

One word from Sweeney’s foster mom sums him up – Cool!  “You can’t resist smiling when you come home to Sweeney, because he is just as happy (and smiling!) to see you,” proclaims his foster mom Julie.  “Once you decide to kick up your feet after work, you are guaranteed to have Sweeney underneath them or between them helping you relax.”  That’s not all, either.  “He likes to give kisses!”  There is nothing more endearing than that handsome black and white mug coming at you for a big smooch.  Sweeney even gets so excited that he chirps while he purrs, it’s almost like he just can’t control himself!
Sweeney almost didn’t get this second chance for life.  On a daily basis, Chicago Cat Rescue receives many ‘last call’ emails from nearby shelters that are high on animal relinquishments and low on adoptions.  Last call’s are sent to a vast network of animal rescuers in Chicago and more often than not, these emails are the animals’ last and only chance to be saved.  Sadly, not all last calls get answered.  Sweeney was a 'last call' cat.   He was abandoned at a heavily populated, rural kill-shelter with a slim-to-none chance of getting adopted.  Without the intervention of Chicago Cat Rescue, Sweeney would not be kissing his foster mom today. 

“Sweeney will steal your heart,” says Julie.  He is young, energetic and as playful as a kitten.  To balance his playful side, Sweeney also has a gentle ‘father-figure’ side as well.  Sweeney has a soft spot in his heart for kittens without a mom.  He befriended and helped to foster a 10-week-old kitten that his foster mom took in.  Sweeney immediately took the kitten under his wing and they grew to be the best of friends.  Uncle Sween, as his foster mom lovingly calls him, would be a wonderful companion for a young, energetic kitten.  It is atypical to recommend pairing a 2-year-old male with a kitten, but Sweeney is a unique cat.  With his silly kitten-like antics he would be a great playmate for a kitten, but also would be a cool ‘big brother’ – setting a good example for the kitten and showing him the ropes on what to do and, of course what not to do around the house.

If you would like to invite Sweeney to become part of your family, please contact Chicago Cat Rescue @ 773-203-0215 or cindy@chicagocatrescue.org.  Sweeney, of course, will be excited to meet you!

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