Thursday, August 30, 2012

Adopt Me of the Week: Ringo

Ringo is one fun loving guy. Curious, playful and slightly mischievous, Ringo would make the perfect companion for someone looking for an interactive cat. He loves to play, whether with another cat, a dog, a person or his own toys. There is never a dull moment with Ringo! If you are looking for someone to liven up your home, Ringo is your boy. He’s not always running around looking for action though. 

Ringo also loves to snuggle. He will snuggle with anyone who is around, even dogs!
Ringo came to us from a high kill rescue organization. He has adjusted wonderfully to his foster home, he loves the fellow cats he has lived with and the dog he temporarily roomed with! He would most likely do wonderfully in a home with young children, he would certainly love to play with them.

Ringo is just one of the many cats available for adoption from Chicago Cat Rescue. If you are interested please give Cindy a call or send her an email. Cindy@chicagocatrescue dot org or call her at 773.203.0215.

Please help us spread the word about our many wonderful cats. Share Ringo’s story and pictures via social media; email this blog post to someone who might be looking for a cat like Ringo. Tell your friends and family about us when they mention they are looking for a cat. We can’t do what we do without you, so please help us find forever homes for all these wonderful cats.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Whaddayaknow? Chicago Cat Rescue's Latest Fundraising Events = Super Fun!

Do you know who the man in this picture is? You would if you were at Chicago Cat Rescue's latest fundraising events. This week Chicago Cat Rescue teamed up with Whaddayaknow Free Team Trivia to host a 50/50 raffle and raise awareness about Chicago Cat Rescue.

All week volunteers have been going to select locations with Whaddayaknow's trivia masters and selling raffle tickets for a 50/50 raffle. Each team that buys tickets gets bonus points for their final score. They also get bonus points for correctly identifying the man pictured on the bottom of the Chicago Cat Rescue handout.  (See the picture above. Answer at the bottom of the blog.) At the end of the night half the money raised from raffle tickets is given to one lucky winner!  We have had a wonderful reception at all the pubs, bars and grills we have been to this week. We have raised a decent amount of money, but more importantly we have made people aware of our organization. Anytime we can make people aware of Chicago Cat Rescue, whether as potential volunteers, foster parents, or adopters, we are glad for the opportunity.

One of our raffle winners pictured with Aaron from Whaddayaknow and Eden of Chicago Cat Rescue
We couldn't have done this without our wonderful volunteer Eden. Eden is a regular at Whaddayaknow's trivia nights and had the brilliant idea for this event. She presented it at one of our volunteer meetings and everyone loved it. Eden even went so far as to attend each event to help drum up sales of raffle tickets. So here is a big Thank You to Eden and everyone at Whaddayaknow Free Team Trivia, especially Dan!

Tonight is our last night taking part in pub trivia. If you would like to join us for one final night of trivia and raffles stop by Bad Dog Tavern - 4535 N. Lincoln Ave at 8pm! Grab your roommate, your best friends, your co-workers or the next people you meet on the street, whatever you have to do to make up a team (they can be as small as two people). We hope to see you there! Just don't cheat on that bonus question...wink, wink.

Do you have any ideas for fundraisers or events that Chicago Cat Rescue can run? Have any cat loving contacts? We are always looking for new fundraiser ideas and new ways to promote Chicago Cat Rescue. If you have any ideas, please let us know!  E-mail with your ideas or suggestions!

The answer to our trivia question: that is James Dean pictured with his Siamese cat Marcus. Marcus was a gift from Elizabeth Taylor.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Adopt Me of the Week: Miss Peaches

August 17 is Black Cat Appreciation Day. In celebration we are highlighting Miss Peaches as our Adopt Me of the Week!

Miss Peaches is a wonderful, quiet lady with a beautiful coat. Miss Peaches would be happiest in a quiet home with no other animals and no small children. She is absolutely the perfect single cat. If you are looking  for a calm, affectionate cat to greet you when you come home and maybe snuggle with while you watch TV Miss Peaches is the cat for you!

Miss Peaches has been looking for a forever home for over a year now, and we simply can’t understand why.  Sure this beautiful lady is a little particular about what she wants out of a home, but surely there must be such a home out there. Isn’t it a good thing to know what your cat wants before she comes home? We certainly think so, that’s why we are a foster based program, so we can get to know the desires of cats like Miss Peaches. We know the purrfect home is out there somewhere for Miss Peaches.

Black Cat Appreciation Day was started in 2011 to help bring awareness to black cats. Black cats and dogs are the most overlooked animals at shelters. They are the last to get adopted and the first to get euthanized. Someone like Miss Peaches would not have stood a chance at a traditional shelter.  Her black fur, combined with her dislike of other cats and the simple fact that she is not a kitten or young adult, would have made it just about impossible for her to get adopted. That’s why Chicago Cat Rescue was founded, to give cats like Miss Peaches a chance at life.  If you are interested in Miss Peaches, or any of the other black (or brown, tabby, calico etc) cats available at Chicago Cat Rescue please call or e-mail Cindy.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bean-From Life on the Streets to a New Friendship in a Warm Home

The following was written by a Chicago Cat Rescue foster parent. Blythe has been kind enough to show Bean the joy of a home. Blythe, her cat Bichoe and her dog have all shown Bean love and joy that he would not have known on the street. As a result all four of them have gained something. Read their story below.

Bean (right) relaxing with his foster brother Bichoe.
Fifteen emails arrive in my mailbox a day, with photos of animals in desperate need of foster homes or forever homes. I certainly have a lot of experience volunteering at various organizations helping homeless animals, and I feel this is “my calling”.

I currently share my home with a rescued dog and a rescued cat-both black, both male. I know that black animals are the last to get adopted and I still find this perplexing, because I’m drawn to these animals more than any other. I guess it’s a good thing, because one day I received an email from Chicago Cat Rescue that stood out in my mind. They were in need of an immediate foster home for two cats; the email contained a photo of a white cat and a black cat. I ended up fostering the black cat, Bean.

I knew my cat Bichoe was not tolerant of female cats, as I found that out the hard way, years ago when I brought him home to my apartment after he had been living in the adoption room at Anti-Cruelty Society for seven long months. At the time, I was a volunteer there for thirteen years and took him under my wing, as I was a cat socializer. After seven months of working with him, I realized that nobody was going to adopt him. He was not one of those super friendly cats that purrs and shows off to onlookers, hoping to get adopted. Bichoe was indifferent and sometimes ornery.

One day I took the plunge and brought Bichoe home to live with me and my female cat, Minnie, and my senior cat, Scratchy. It was then that I realized he didn’t like female cats. For years, I tried various methods to establish harmony in the home, but nothing worked. Bichoe hunted my female cat while she was in the litter box. Because of this, she became fearful to use the box and chose the bathroom floor instead. More time passed and my senior kitty Scratchy, passed away of old age. Once it was just Bichoe and Minnie, the tension got worse. To resolve things once and for all, I sadly decided to leave Minnie at an ex boyfriend’s house, where she would live a good life with his very friendly dog and female cat.

So, when I decided to foster  Bean for Chicago Cat Rescue, I was a tad nervous how Bichoe would react to a new cat in the home, although male. I introduced them to one another slowly and it seemed like things were going smoothly, despite Bean’s extreme shyness and fearfulness. Bean was living on the streets, behind a bar on Division Street, only a few short months ago, so no wonder he is very shy and skittish. Bean stayed in his safe place, the bathtub for many weeks. Time passed and Bean has forged a special friendship with Bichoe. What’s amazing is that Bichoe is 15 years old, while Bean is only one.

I truly believe that Bichoe enjoys having a young friend in Bean, and appreciates his sweet, shy personality. I think because Bean is timid, Bichoe doesn’t feel threatened that a new kitty shares his home. Bean seems to bring out the affectionate side of Bichoe, and Bichoe seems to make Bean feel safe. Every day I enjoy watching new developments between these two handsome black boys. I try to capture some of those special moments on camera. Just a few minutes ago, I observed Bean giving Bichoe a bath, which was too cute for words. I just sat in awe of them and watched quietly. Bean has also warmed up to my very hyper dog, Flash, who is only a year and a half and adores cats.

Bean is still very nervous around me, but I love him and have endless time and patience for a cat like Bean. As soon as I move to my new apartment, I plan on making it official: yes, I’m going to adopt Bean. I love him very much and cannot wait until the day he finally feels comfortable enough to sleep on my pillow at night. I’ll gladly sleep in the middle of the bed, as long as my fur family is comfortable.

I think many people expect magic to happen immediately. In my experience, it requires patience, because everyone has a different personality. Please consider fostering or adopting a needy animal today. When you see the difference you can make in that being’s life, it is the most rewarding experience for everyone involved. Isn’t life about making a difference in some way? Why not start with fostering someone today?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Adopt Me of the Week: Bonder

Bonder would like to meet you. Actually, Bonder likes to meet anyone and everyone. This petite boy is full of energy and enthusiasm for life! Bonder loves people; even more than people though, he loves action! If you are looking for a playful companion cat Bonder is the cat for you. He has been described as sweet, playful and mischievous. Bonder is right there on the scene; wherever the action is, Bonder is sure to be there! He would certainly do better with another cat, or even a dog, to play with him. A companion animal would probably help keep this boy out of mischief too. Single kittens get bored easily and look for new things to keep them entertained, thus they tend to cause more trouble and damage to the home than a kitten who is entertained by another animal. Bonder is a perfect example of this! 

Bonder came to Chicago Cat Rescue after being transferred from a high kill facility in Indiana. He is just one of the many cats we have transferred from such facilities. Not much more than a baby Bonder is already on his second shot at life. He is so grateful to have a chance to run, play, explore and be a kitten; it is hard to say if he embraces this opportunity more because of his stint in a cage at animal control, or if he is naturally this exuberant.  Either way Bonder is an active cat who loves life and will bring hours of entertainment to your home. 
Did we mention how handsome Bonder is? Well we should, this is one handsome cat! He has a dark brown/gray coat with the most stunning tabby stripes. He is a petite boy, which makes it easier for him to bounce around the house. Bonder is not all energy and mischief though. This little guy loves people and loves attention.  A cat this active may not be much for snuggling right now, but you are sure to get lots of fun playing with him with an interactive toy, such as the Cat Dancer or even a laser pointer (can you imagine this active guy chasing that tiny red dot?).
If you are interested in adopting Bonder contact us: Cindy at ChicagoCatRescue dot org or 773.203.0215

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fostering Your Inner Rescue

The following post was written for us by long time volunteer and foster parent Karen.  Karen has also adopted from us and last year was one of the minds behind our annual Sexy Black fundraiser. Recently Karen discovered a cat in her neighbor's yard and turned to Chicago Cat Rescue for assistance, we asked her to share her story with fellow Chicago Cat Rescue supporters. Karen's story is just one of the many examples of how Chicago Cat Rescue helps individuals make a change in the life of cats across the city.

I could not for the life of me figure out where the sound was coming from.  I swore I could hear a kitty crying, and it sounded like it was coming from outside.  But every time I went out on my porch, I couldn't hear it, and I never saw anything in my neighbor's yard where the sound seemed to be coming from.  This went on for weeks!  I almost had myself convinced that it was a weird trick of sound, and that I was hearing one of my neighbor's cats somehow being channeled through the floor or walls.  Then one day a few weeks ago, I was at my desk early in the morning with the windows open, and I heard it again - clear as day.  I went outside into the gangway along my neighbor's yard, calling the standard 'here kitty kitty', and suddenly there he was.  A gorgeous, young, green-eyed, smoky gray tabby sitting near the foundation of my neighbor's house in the tall weeds, returning my call with his little meows.  No wonder I hadn't seen him before - he almost totally blended in with the house!  He reminded me of a little Lynx, so I named him that right then and there.

I immediately went inside to get food, and got him to come close to me on our first encounter.  I left the food out and when I checked back a short time later, it was completely gone - so I put out more.  That was snarfed up just as quickly.  Poor little boy was obviously very hungry!  By the next day, he came close enough to sniff my outstretched finger through the fence.  I checked lost pet ads and posted a picture of him on a neighborhood Facebook page, but no posts or replies.  I contacted Chicago Cat Rescue  to see what I should do.  They told me he was almost surely not feral - as feral cats don't cry, and usually don't come so close. While he wasn’t feral, he would most likely run if I tried to pick him up. Cindy at Chicago Cat Rescue suggested I try catching him in a humane trap.  Chicago Cat Rescue provided me with a humane trap to catch him, and offered to admit Lynx into Chicago Cat Rescue if I was able to foster him or find another foster placement for him.   So my plan of action was to try to catch him and then try to find a foster home for him, as mine is full up with 3 prior rescues of my own and a foster to boot! 

I picked up the trap that night, but as luck would have it, it rained the next couple of days, so no chance of seeing Lynx around.  Days went by without seeing or hearing him.  I was convinced I was too late and that he had met a sad and untimely end, as so many strays do.  Then finally early one morning, I heard him again!  Yay!  I wasn't too late!  He was still ok!  And even better, he was getting braver, following me into our yard and even up onto my back porch.  So I decided to set the trap.  I waited and waited but heard nothing outside.  When I had time to go check, the food was gone but the trap wasn’t sprung!  Clever little guy!  We did this dance for a while - I was only able to set the trap when I knew I would be around for a while, and since mornings were the time he was usually around, that limited the time I was able to spend trying to catch him.  Lynx continued coming up to my back porch where I was now leaving food for him - and he would come up to my screen door and 'visit' with my cats, but I was no closer still to trapping him.  I called Chicago Cat Rescue again to see if they had any tips, and Cindy suggested covering the bottom of the trap with grass.  So I did that and left the trap on my back porch while I took an early trip to the gym one morning.  When I got home about 40 minutes later, I heard rattling on the porch - sure enough, my little gray Lynx was in the trap, and not very happy!  But as a testament to how good this little guy is, when I put the carrier up to the trap door and opened it, he went right into the carrier, and let me quickly close the door.  I had him!  That was the good news.  The bad news was that I didn't have a great place to put him.  My spare room was full with a house guest for the next few weeks, and I couldn't have him near my other kitties until he'd been checked out - which was going to take a little time.

So I decided to clear out an unused storage room in the basement - not ideal, but cool and dry - and most important of all - SAFE!  I got him set up with rugs, blankets, a litter box and some toys and food, and waited to see how he'd adjust.  Well - again, as a testament to this little guy's demeanor, by day 2 he was letting me pet him and was purring away.  By day 3, he let me pick him up and settled into my lap, soaking up the attention and purring up a storm.  He was happy to sit in my lap for as long as I could stay with him.  Chicago Cat Rescue arranged for his vet care at Mid North Animal Hospital.  A few days later, I took Lynx to Mid North to be checked out and neutered.  He came through with flying colors and came back home to recover from his little surgery.  Though I still don't have a spare room for him, I made the decision to move him into my spare bathroom (after what I now call "the centipede incident" in his basement room that caused me to leap out of my chair, which in turn, scared the heck out of Lynx!).  I'm really hoping that a foster or forever home is available very soon to properly take care of this sweet, green-eyed, handsome boy.

Lynx is still learning how to be a kitty.  I'm guessing he never had a chance to learn with his mom or other kitties.  He's just learning how to play, doesn't know about jumping into my lap to get the attention that he loves once he's there, and has yet to meet my other kitties.  Hard to believe someone would abandon this good little boy, but lucky for him that he trusted the right person, and lucky for me that I found him when I did. Lynx is one of many cats available for adoption from Chicago Cat Rescue.  If you are interested in adopting or fostering Lynx or one of the many other cats available, please contact Cindy,