Friday, August 3, 2012

Adopt Me of the Week: Bonder

Bonder would like to meet you. Actually, Bonder likes to meet anyone and everyone. This petite boy is full of energy and enthusiasm for life! Bonder loves people; even more than people though, he loves action! If you are looking for a playful companion cat Bonder is the cat for you. He has been described as sweet, playful and mischievous. Bonder is right there on the scene; wherever the action is, Bonder is sure to be there! He would certainly do better with another cat, or even a dog, to play with him. A companion animal would probably help keep this boy out of mischief too. Single kittens get bored easily and look for new things to keep them entertained, thus they tend to cause more trouble and damage to the home than a kitten who is entertained by another animal. Bonder is a perfect example of this! 

Bonder came to Chicago Cat Rescue after being transferred from a high kill facility in Indiana. He is just one of the many cats we have transferred from such facilities. Not much more than a baby Bonder is already on his second shot at life. He is so grateful to have a chance to run, play, explore and be a kitten; it is hard to say if he embraces this opportunity more because of his stint in a cage at animal control, or if he is naturally this exuberant.  Either way Bonder is an active cat who loves life and will bring hours of entertainment to your home. 
Did we mention how handsome Bonder is? Well we should, this is one handsome cat! He has a dark brown/gray coat with the most stunning tabby stripes. He is a petite boy, which makes it easier for him to bounce around the house. Bonder is not all energy and mischief though. This little guy loves people and loves attention.  A cat this active may not be much for snuggling right now, but you are sure to get lots of fun playing with him with an interactive toy, such as the Cat Dancer or even a laser pointer (can you imagine this active guy chasing that tiny red dot?).
If you are interested in adopting Bonder contact us: Cindy at ChicagoCatRescue dot org or 773.203.0215

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