Thursday, August 23, 2012

Whaddayaknow? Chicago Cat Rescue's Latest Fundraising Events = Super Fun!

Do you know who the man in this picture is? You would if you were at Chicago Cat Rescue's latest fundraising events. This week Chicago Cat Rescue teamed up with Whaddayaknow Free Team Trivia to host a 50/50 raffle and raise awareness about Chicago Cat Rescue.

All week volunteers have been going to select locations with Whaddayaknow's trivia masters and selling raffle tickets for a 50/50 raffle. Each team that buys tickets gets bonus points for their final score. They also get bonus points for correctly identifying the man pictured on the bottom of the Chicago Cat Rescue handout.  (See the picture above. Answer at the bottom of the blog.) At the end of the night half the money raised from raffle tickets is given to one lucky winner!  We have had a wonderful reception at all the pubs, bars and grills we have been to this week. We have raised a decent amount of money, but more importantly we have made people aware of our organization. Anytime we can make people aware of Chicago Cat Rescue, whether as potential volunteers, foster parents, or adopters, we are glad for the opportunity.

One of our raffle winners pictured with Aaron from Whaddayaknow and Eden of Chicago Cat Rescue
We couldn't have done this without our wonderful volunteer Eden. Eden is a regular at Whaddayaknow's trivia nights and had the brilliant idea for this event. She presented it at one of our volunteer meetings and everyone loved it. Eden even went so far as to attend each event to help drum up sales of raffle tickets. So here is a big Thank You to Eden and everyone at Whaddayaknow Free Team Trivia, especially Dan!

Tonight is our last night taking part in pub trivia. If you would like to join us for one final night of trivia and raffles stop by Bad Dog Tavern - 4535 N. Lincoln Ave at 8pm! Grab your roommate, your best friends, your co-workers or the next people you meet on the street, whatever you have to do to make up a team (they can be as small as two people). We hope to see you there! Just don't cheat on that bonus question...wink, wink.

Do you have any ideas for fundraisers or events that Chicago Cat Rescue can run? Have any cat loving contacts? We are always looking for new fundraiser ideas and new ways to promote Chicago Cat Rescue. If you have any ideas, please let us know!  E-mail with your ideas or suggestions!

The answer to our trivia question: that is James Dean pictured with his Siamese cat Marcus. Marcus was a gift from Elizabeth Taylor.

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