Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week

Miss Peaches would be "less adoptable" because of her color & age
Did you know this week is adopt a "less adoptable" pet week? It's true, September 17-23 is adopt a less adoptable pet week! Adopting what are generally considered "less adoptable" animals does not mean adopting a cat or dog with medical issues. Black cats and dogs are frequently overlooked and considered "less adoptable" simply because of the color of their fur and the superstitions surrounding them. Older cats and less out going cats are also considered "less adoptable."

Adopting a "less adoptable" or overlooked animal can mean adopting a shy cat. A shy cat might take a little longer to adjust to a new home. She might not be the first to jump on your lap or be the first to greet new people in the house. A shy cat might need a little more space and a little more patience before she adjusts to people or her new home, but she will have her own special way of showing her love. Frequently, given a loving home shy cats' will blossom into a sweet, playful and loving companion.

An older cat can also be considered "less adoptable." Kittens and cats under 3 years of age are the easiest to adopt. Cats over 6-years of age are frequently overlooked because of their age. Even though adult cats still have many years of happy, healthy life ahead of them, they are overlooked. Adopting an older cat can be considered adopting a "less adoptable" cat.

Sunshine, FIV+ is nothing but love and fun
Of course "less adoptable" can mean adopting a cat with a special physical or medical need. Blind cats, FIV or FeLV positive cats, such as our darling Sunshine, would be adopting a "less adoptable" special needs cat. These cats are frequently overlooked simply because a physical deformity makes them less appealing, or because the idea of a medical condition scares people.

Most "less adoptable" pets do not require extra work. They do provide lots of extra love to their adoptive parents. Special needs cats and dogs, are great companions and worth considering. You know you are doing the right thing by adopting an animal. Do even more for the animals by adopting a special needs, or "less adoptable" cat or dog and be rewarded with more love and appreciation than you could ever expect!

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