Monday, September 10, 2012

Adopt Me of the Week: Kittens!

Chicago Cat Rescue has kittens for adoption! In fact, we have lots of kittens for adoption. We are busting at the seams with kittens, and have been all summer. We currently have five litters of kittens looking for homes. That’s a lot of kittens! We have young kittens and older kittens, kittens of every color, size and personality you could want. So give us a call and adopt a pair of kittens!

Normally kittens get snapped right up for adoption; Not this year. This leaves us with far too many growing kittens. Having too many kittens means Chicago Cat Rescue has less resources for adult cats, which means we are limited on how many other cats or kittens we can actually admit. Lack of resources is not just lack of funding, but lack of foster homes. Since Chicago Cat Rescue is foster based, and has no actual facility, the amount of cats we can rescue is directly tied to the number of foster homes we have. 
Fig, Fiver and Tucker upon rescue.

All of the kittens at Chicago Cat Rescue are healthy, playful, adorable and eagerly awaiting their forever homes. We aren’t quite sure why they haven’t been adopted yet, certainly it is through no fault of their own.  Whether it is lack of knowledge about Chicago Cat Rescue, the economy, or people finally deciding to adopt adult cats, we have had very few inquiries into our adoptable kittens. Sadly, this means our kittens are getting shuffled from foster home to foster home as a result.

Please help us spread the word about Chicago Cat Rescue and all our wonderful kittens (and cats!). Link to us wherever you can—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, your own blog or website! Share pictures of our kittens on social media. Tell your friends and family about us, you never know who might be looking to adopt! The more people know about Chicago Cat Rescue, the more foster homes we can have,  more adoptions we can do and the more cats we can save.

View more pictures of our adorable kittens below and at Facebook. Watch adorable videos of our babies on YouTube too!

Some of Chicago Cat Rescue's youngest kittens, rescued just last week!
Ben, Stormy and Buff, three of five kittens in one litter!

Some of Chicago Cat Rescue's youngest kittens
Some of Chicago Cat Rescue's youngest kittens, rescued just last week!

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