Friday, February 22, 2013

Sexy Black Time!

The fifth annual Sexy Black is this Saturday, February 23. Stop by Gold Star Bar 1755 W Division from 7pm-10pm to help us celebrate black cats and dogs. Sexy Black is our annual benefit to raise awareness for the plight of black cats and dogs. If you have been to previous events, or have supported Chicago Cat Rescue for a while, you will know that black cats and dogs have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate. Why? Partially due to the fact that they are easily overlooked in shelter environments. When looking at dozens of different cats, black cats and dark torties tend to get overlooked for their more colorful brethren. There Are also age old superstitions regarding black cats and dogs, which make it harder for them to get adopted. Many people still believe that black cats are bad luck, associated with witch craft or other negative things. Some people have said they don't want to adopt a black cat because the fur shows too much on light colored clothes.

One recent study found that people perceive black cats as more anti-social, and having less extreme personalities. They may also be viewed as more mysterious, partially because of their history and the superstitions surrounding them. Our goal with Sexy Black is to make people aware that black cats and dogs are the least adopted. Not surprisingly many people are unaware of the statistics involved with the adoption of black cats and dogs. The more people who are aware that these beautiful animals are less likely to get adopted and thus more likely to get euthanized, the more likely they are to educate others and even adopt a black cat or dog themselves.

So let's get together to celebrate the beauty and grace of black cats, then take the message out to our friends and family. Let's get those black cats and dogs adopted!

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