Friday, March 29, 2013

Adoptable of the Week: Hattie, Georgie, Patrick and Oliver

Lulu's gang as wee babes.
Hattie, Georgie, Patrick and Oliver are the last of Lulu's Gang! Almost a year old now, these little dolls are still looking for a forever home. They are also in need of a new foster home--they simply out grew their current one!  For some reason these four dolls have not found the right home yet. We think they must be waiting for someone extra special to call family.

You can see in the pictures below just how stunning Hattie, Georgie, Patrick and Oliver have grown to be. They are still the playful, frisky felines they were as babies, just in a slightly bigger package which simply means there is more to love!  While they are still playful and mischevious these four have calmed down from their rambunctious kitten days; no longer are they constant balls of energy, just nearly constant balls of energy.

If you are looking to adopt a young cat who is still playful but not a furry tornado of energy that is a kitten, then look for a young adult cat like Hattie, Georgie, Patrick and Oliver. Young adult cats have all the benefits of adult cats--less mischief, more snuggles, calmer!--with plenty of the playfully cute antics of kittens.

Considering adding a young new addition to your home but not 100% sure? Why not foster first? Fostering is a great way to help keep kitties off the street and out of cages while also making sure they are the best fit for your home and family. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Hattie, Georgie, Patrick, Oliver or one of our other young adult cats (or older adult cats!) please contact Cindy.

George (left) and Patrick


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