Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Adopt Me: Jax

Jax is a playful, energetic young cat looking for his forever home!  Jax was one of several cats we recently pulled from a feral colony. Jax is far from feral though. This sweet boy wants nothing more than to play and maybe a little attention from his human on the side. Due to circumstances beyond his control, Jax is looking  for a new foster home while he waits for his forever home.

Jax's foster dad describes him as "very energetic, active" and says he is "more interested in playing and exploring" than snuggling in laps. Don't take this to mean Jax isn't a lover though! Jax follows his foster dad around and wants to be near him whenever he is home. Jax also loves to have his belly and his chin rubbed, and will sleep with his foster dad at night. 

When not following his foster dad around, Jax loves to play! He much prefers playing with interactive toys, such as feathers on wands. His favorite toy is "a small stuffed bird on a string. He loves to chase it around and jumps in the air to catch it." He also loves to hide in boxes while playing with the bird toy. Can't you just picture this handsome boy crouched down low in a cardboard box waiting to pounce on the birdie?
While Jax is able to entertain himself with balls (his favorite are the crinkly mylar balls) and exploring his home, he would do best with another playful cat to keep him company and help him burn some of his energy. As we have said before, most cats do much better with a friend, not only to play and snuggle with, but to keep them company when you are not home.

If all this hasn't piqued your interest in Jax, perhaps this story will help him steal your heart. Jax's foster dad reports he loves to play with  water "When I brush my teeth he wants to chase the water down the drain!" He also loves to loves to look out the window, watching the birds and squirrels. Quite appropriate that this boy who once lived on the streets, now enjoys the great outdoors from the comfort of a home!

 If you are interested in giving Jax a new home, either foster or forever, please contact Cindy at  773.203.0215 or e-mail.

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