Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Adopt Me of the Week: Rum Tum

It’s hard not to be struck by Rum Tum’s startling good looks. His silky long fur, piercing blue eyes and chocolate points are eye catching to be sure. Rum Tum is more than just good looks though; he has the great personality to match his great looks.

Found huddled outside a garage on the north side of Chicago, Rum Tum was emaciated and probably would not have survived much longer without the intervention of a kind lady and Chicago Cat Rescue. After several days of good square meals and a little TLC from his foster parents, Rum Tum has recuperated and blossomed! Rum Tum is a gentle soul who was never meant to survive outside. He is the type of cat who loves his person or people deeply, but gets a bit nervous around new people.
Rum Tum’s foster mom describes him as a “lover” and “perfect” while his foster dad lovingly calls him a “furball.” His foster mom reports that he loves to be groomed and petted. Of all their cats, Rum Tum is the one who sleeps on the bed with them at night. He actively seeks out laps during the day if they are working or otherwise not paying attention to them. He is constantly purring as well. Yet, he is not overly needy and, like all good cats, can be very independent and mildly curious.

While Rum Tum loves his foster parents, he can be a little shy with new people. His foster mom reports that he is getting much better when new people come over, though he does still hide. Perhaps poor Rum Tum remembers his weeks on the street hiding people; perhaps something bad happened to him while he was outside, either way it’s no surprise that he’s nervous around new people.  If you are interested in Rum Tum it will take a little bit of love and patience to get this sweet boy to feel comfortable in his new surroundings.

Luckily, Rum Tum loves to play! Play is one of the best ways to help cats feel comfortable in a new surrounding or with new people. Rum Tum enjoys batting catnip mice around the house and loves to chase the feather toy too! Interactive play with a fishing pole type toy—a feather wand, Cat Dancer or Cat Charmer—are great ways to help Rum Tum and other nervous kitties feel more comfortable with their new surroundings and new people while getting them much needed exercise! An all around win!

Introduce Rum Tum to a small room, spend a few days lavishing him with his favorite wet food and a little play therapy and he is sure to bond with you just like he did his foster parents. Rum Tum’s foster mom reports that he is the type of cat to “really bond with you.” Once he knows he is safe, loved and cared for you will be rewarded with a wonderfully loving cat!

Rum Tum also does quite well with the other cats in his foster home. He gets along with the other cats, though he might not be the one to initiate play time or snuggle piles. Just like with people, Rum Tum enjoys their company but is independent enough to do his own thing!
If you are interested in opening your heart and home to sweet, gentle Rum Tum, please contact Cindy at

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