Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Adoptable Me of the Week: Brie and Monterey

Brie and Monterey are an adorable pair of red-headed sisters looking for their forever home. These girls were found huddled on a porch, with no food or shelter, in the dead of winter. They were cold and hungry and Chicago Cat Rescue swooped in to save these girls just before it got even colder. In the few months these dolls have been with Chicago Cat Rescue they have blossomed.A long way from freezing and starving on the streets, they now enjoy watching hockey games and snuggling on the soft couch together! Their foster mom reports that these two girls are extremely bonded. She calls them "two peas in a pod." It's hard to imagine how these girls could not love each other, having relied on each other for survival outside last winter.

Brie, showing off her hunting skills!
While they may be attached at the hip, Brie and Monterey have distinct personalities. Their foster mom says that Brie is super snuggly.  She loves to sleep in your lap if you are watching TV or working. Brie loves to get pets, and "won't leave your side as long as you're petting her." Brie is over all just a big lover of a cat. She gets jealous if Monterey is getting attention, running over to make sure she gets her share of the loving! She is also quick to warm up to new people. Monterey on the other hand takes a little longer to accept new people and in general is "less of a people snuggler." While she may not be as interested in people as her sister, she is far from shy!
Monterey striking a pose.

When Monterey wants to be petted or fed she weaves in-between her foster mom's legs, demanding her needs be met! She is quick to roll over for belly rubs too! Monterey is also the more playful of the girls. She loves to toss her toy mouse in the air and catching it, or running what her foster mom calls the "Kitty 500" (a feline version of the Indy 500) around the apartment. Monterey must remember life on the street and not having enough food, as she is very fond of her meals! Who can blame her though?

Brie and Monterey are a perfect example of how important it is to have a pair of cats. They keep each other company during the day, providing a friend to play with and someone to snuggle with while their foster mom is away at work. Most cats do much better with a feline companion to keep them company during the day. Brie and Monterey also display different aspects of feline personalities, playful and snuggly. You get a little bit of everything with these girls!

If you are looking for a pair of cats but don't want to go through the process of introducing new cats to each other, Brie and Monterey are the perfect girls for you! They are also great cats for a first time adopter, as they are both easy going and super lovable!

Unfortunately Brie and Monterey must find a new foster home by the end of the month, through no fault of their own. These girls would love if they could go straight to their new home when they lose their foster home. If you are interested in foster, adopting or fostering to adopt these two girls please contact Cindy, or call her at 773.203.0215.

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