Friday, June 14, 2013

Adopt Me: Frankie and Q-Bert

Frankie and Q-Bert are a wonderful pair of boys looking for their forever homes.
Meet Frankie and Q-Bert. These two young, handsome boys are currently being fostered together. These two do not need to be adopted together, but they do both need to be in a home with another feline companion. If you are looking for a pair of cats they would be a great pair! Their foster mom reports that Frankie is more playful than Q-Bert while Q-Bert would prefer to lay around snuggling with you. They would both be great companions for a first time cat owner or for a young family!  These boys both love people too!

 Frankie is a wonderfully sweet and active young boy! He will be the first to greet you at the door when you get home. He is also the first to be ready for a game of pounce when you pull out the cat toys. This stunningly handsome cat is always in motion, and would be a great companion for another young, high energy cat. Frankie loves action, whether it is playing with the other cats in his foster home, or playing with his foster mom. He has been known to pounce on his foster mom's feet when she is in bed, they move so nicely under those blankets after all! Interactive feather toys are also a hit with Frankie.

How can you resist these handsome good looks?
While Frankie loves people and getting attention he is not the type to sit and cuddle in laps for a long period. There is just too much else to do! Frankie does enjoy a good petting and the company of a loving human. He has an easy going side as well. If there is no action to be had he is perfectly happy to lounge in the window watching the action outside.

Because Frankie is such a rambunctious cat, he needs to go to a home with a feline companion. Someone high energy and active who would enjoy playing with Frankie and not mind getting pounced on now and then. A feline friend will help keep Frankie's curious, playful side from getting him in trouble. Having a friend to play with will also burn off enough energy so Frankie will enjoy a good petting and maybe even a few cuddles at the end of the day!
Q-Bert is much more mellow than Frankie. He may look rough and tumble around the edges, but Q-Bert is the sweetest, snuggliest cat you will ever meet. There are lots of surprising things about this big boy, including his tiny little voice. His mom calls it his "Mike Tyson" voice. "He often talks back to me with his little Mike Tyson voice, it melts the heart" she says.

Look at those eyes, just waiting to love someone!
He enjoys playing but is just as happy to snuggle with you. His foster mom reports that Q-Bert loves getting brushed and getting pets while lounging in your lap. He is a calm, collected boy who spends more time lounging around than playing. His foster mom says that Q-Bert is her de-stressor after work.

Q-Bert is the Ying to Frankie's Yang. They balance each other out perfectly! Their foster mom says that Q-Bert gets a little annoyed by all of Frankie's sneak attacks, but by and large these boys are great together. If you are interested in adopting Frankie or Q-Bert, please contact Cindy via e-mail or at 773.203.0215

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