Friday, June 21, 2013

Adopt Me of the Week : Nicole

Are you looking for a loving, snuggly, playful cat who would be fine as a single cat? If so you really need to meet Nicole! This long haired beauty is perfectly, make that purrfectly, happy being the queen of her realm; as long as she has a humane to share it with. Her foster mom describes her as social, curious, and vocal in her demands, and always interested in being part of the action.  She writes of Nicole  “We've said that she'd make a good family cat because she really does have enough energy to play with kids (but also the wisdom to retreat from toddlers) or energetic adults, and her need for attention exceeds one working person's time unless that person has no social life. I think she'd be unhappy if she didn't get lots of people time.”

Nicole greets her foster mom at the door, and is fond of following her on walks to and from the kitchen, perhaps in hopes of finding something delicious in her food bowl? She has also been known to climb on top of people if they stay in one spot for too long, so she can be as close as possible to them. When she is not looking for attention from a nearby person, she can be found playing. She loves to pounce on toys, her favorite being her sparkle balls. Nicole’s playful curiosity leads her to leap and bat at anything that dangles from backpack straps to headphones to laundry on a drying rack.  

While Nicole is a curious girl, she can be nervous at first around new people and new objects. Her foster mom says “unfamiliar objects are definitely suspect and often greeted with a loud long hiss and a rapid retreat.” Can’t you just see this girl sneaking up on the vacuum cleaner, tentatively swatting at it then running away? Now that she feels comfortable in her foster home, Nicole is very interested in seeking the attention of visitors 

As self proclaimed queen, Nicole knows what she wants. Or, at least she thinks she does. Like any cat Nicole has a predisposition to change her mind quite frequently. Nicole will also tell you when she has had enough, usually with a glare that can’t be ignored. 

 Nicole is beautiful and knows it. Yet she doesn't let that go to her head. She is the perfect balance independent feline and constant companion. Nicole has the best of everything-looks, personality and grace. With all that in one package why would you need another cat? Or so Nicole seems to think; she doesn't do very well with other cats and would like to be the queen of her domain. If you are interested in adopting Nicole please e-mail Cindy or call her at 73.203.0215.

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