Friday, June 7, 2013

Adopt Me: Phoebe

This week's Adopt Me is a very special girl. Phoebe is a senior girl, 10-years old, who was rescued from a high kill facility in Indiana after she was abandoned there by her former owners. This little girl was confused and scared when we first got her. Once she was out of a cage and in a home setting again, Phoebe returned to her wonderful, loving self. Perhaps because she knows how close she came to losing her life, Phoebe is a sweet, cuddly girl who makes the most of every moment.

Her foster mom reports that Phoebe is a "snuggly attention hog" who is always near her! She loves snuggling in laps or lay touching her foster mom. She also has mastered the art of making her foster mom feel guilty for leaving the house. "When I am getting ready she sits in front of me on the floor as if it say, 'You could just stay home...'and is always at the door to greet me when I come home." Clearly, Phoebe is glad to have a person of her own again and would love to have a family to call her own forever.

Even though Phoebe loves to be close to her foster mom, like all of us Phoebe also enjoys her alone time. Being an older lady Phoebe has her cantankerous moments, mostly if there is too much activity or loud noises. She prefers a quiet home, so no young children or wild parties for her please! She certainly knows what she wants and is not afraid to tell you if you deviate from her desires! She loves to soak in a pool of sunlight on the bed, or while gazing out the window. Who knows what this lovely lady ponders when she window gazes, but we bet it involves a loving family and a soft bed!
Phoebe in one of her playful moments!

For a mature cat Phoebe still is quite active! When not lounging next to her foster mom or guarding the neighborhood from her watchtower, Phoebe loves to play! Catnip mice are her favorite, she loves pouncing on them and even brings them to her foster mom in bed at 6am to get her to play. If a catnip mouse isn't around she practices her pouncing skills on ribbons! What cat doesn't love ribbons? Phoebe is also very found of practicing her "attack" skills on "anything that moves" reports her foster mom.

Phoebe may be technically a senior cat, but she acts like a younger girl. As a mature lady she is the  cat for someone looking for a quiet, demure companion. She has enough spunk to keep you entertained with her feline antics though! She looks forward to many more years in a quite, loving home of her own with people who won't give up on her just because she is old.e-mail or at 773.203.0215. 

If you are interested in meeting Phoebe please contact Cindy via

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