Saturday, July 6, 2013

Adopt me of the week: Pippi, Pepper and Junebug

Our beautiful trio of sisters,  Pippi, Pepper and Junebug are looking for a new foster home. These girls are very bonded. Ideally we would like to keep them together, however we understand three cats are a lot to take on. If you can open your home to two cats, or have another cat at home who could use a laidback companion, please consider fostering one or two of these beautiful girls. They have until July 25 to find a new foster home!

Junebug is an elegant black little lady who appreciates a bit of formality in the how-do-you-dos and then, once you become familiars, she’s always available for a good head rubbing and snuggling. She’s a wonderful bedtime buddy and enjoys sharing a bed with her foster mom and sisters, Pippi and Pepper. Toys may be Junebug’s favorite thing; she loves to play with them, either in solo play or with wand toys!

Pippi is lovely and loving tabby girl who enjoys snuggling with her sisters, Junebug and Pepper. During the day she can usually be found curled up for a nap in a quiet spot with Pepper. She’s fond of bipeds too, especially when they give her tummy rubbings or engage her in some interactive play. It is game on with Pippi!

 Pepper is a black beauty looking for a forever home open to this bashful gal who takes it slow with human companions. She is well-suited to be adopted in a pair with one of her sisters, Junebug or Pippi, with whom she enjoys interactive play to the delight of those who’ve seen this sweet girl in action. She needs a quiet home, no human children please!

These girls spent the first four years of their life in one home, then suddenly lost that home (through no fault of their own) and were forced to spend months in a cage as we searched for a new foster home. They have spent the past year in their current foster home and again, through no fault of their own, are losing it. We don't want Pippi, Pepper and Junebug to spend anymore time in a cage! As with any cat, all the moving has been difficult and very stressful for these girls. Please help us keep these three beautiful girls out of a cage, if we can't find a foster home for them by July 25, they are facing more boarding at our vet. If you are able to open your home as a long term foster, or are interested in fostering to adopt any of these sweet girls please contact Cindy by e-mail or at 773.203.0215

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