Sunday, October 27, 2013

Featured Adoptables: Aglet & Tess

Four years ago foster sisters became adoptive sisters and Aglet and Tess have been living a very happy life together. They continue to do so though now in transition as their adoptive mother has a health condition bringing these lovely alumni back into Chicago Cat Rescue’s immediate care.

Aglet: There’s something special about those we know who wear their heart on their sleeve. So, you can only imagine the lovely, gentle nature of cat that wears her heart on her face! Silly, playful and warm, Aglet is a simply wonderful companion to both bipeds and quadrapeds alike. Seriously, what cat do you know actually walks into her carrier when you need to make a vet visit?! Yep, that’s Aglet. She walks right in without a fuss. For Tess, Aglet has served as a therapy cat of sorts, according to mum. Tess was a bit more reserved as a kitten and Aglet in her own sweet way showed how she too could make the most of the human-companion animal bond.  Aglet, the name, where did that come from you ask? As you may know, those bits at the end of shoelaces are called aglets and our girl was quite fond of playing with them as a kitten so much so the name just fit!

Tess: This gorgeous, fluffy girl has blossomed into quite the lap cat. Tess loves human companionship and is most partial to ladies, particularly if they will pet and stroke her and help her keep that beautiful coat in good order. At play, Tess is quite the huntress of toys big and small, although the bigger the better. She’ll take on any sized stuff animal. Yeah, that’s how tough she can be. (smile)

These girls are truly a delightful bonded pair. To meet Aglet and Tess contact Cindy at 773.203.0215 or

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