Saturday, November 30, 2013

'cause you got purrsonality

Meet Fuzzy and Princess, two darling kittens rescued, along with their nursing mothers, from the same feral colony when they were less than two weeks old. This little boy and girl have been fostered together since rescue and would be wonderful companions for you and one another for life. They are individually available for adoption as well if you are looking for a playmate for a kitten already in your home. Chicago Cat Rescue places kittens in pairs or in homes with a young, playful cat in need of a playmate. Kittens (like most cats!) are happiest with a feline companion, but in kittenhood, with its special developmental tasks, the need for a playmate is crucial.

Foster mom has loads to share about these cuties; so, read on for her insights. 

Fuzzy loves belly rubs
Fuzz or Fuzzy or Fuzzball is a relentless cuddler, a funny sleeper and he purrs like a semi. He plays well with others and by himself with his toys. Fuzzy uses his fluffy body to let you know what he's thinking as he isn't much of a talker - he'll let you know he loves belly rubs. Foster mom says coyly, "Did I mention he likes to cuddle? Right under your chin? So he can paw your nose?"

Princess loves morning baths

Princess loves morning baths, cuddles and yogurt. This little gal is mellow and is quite partial to a comfy lap...but she likes to tumble with Fuzzy equally well and can handle her own. Princess also loves burrowing into warm towels and investigating vacuums.

If you are looking to add some sweet, little purrsonalities to your life, contact Cindy at 773.203.0215 or to set up a meet-and-greet with Fuzzy and Princess.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Why Meow When You Can Squeak?

Meet Hannah and Charlotte. Simply adorable calico girls with personalities as colorful as their coats!
Hannah waves hello!

Hannah is a stunningly cute kitty who opts to squeak rather than meow. Yes, be more adorable why don't ya. Soft and playful this little gal instantly charms all. Hannah's sister Charlotte is an absolute riot. Diminutive in size that doesn't stop this little gal from keeping up with her sister Hannah. They are quite the pair!

Charlotte in quiet reflection
If you are looking for silly little girls who are colorful in more ways than one to add to your life, contact Cindy at 773.203.0215 or to set up a meet-and-greet with Hannah and Charlotte.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I'm Sexy and I Don't Know It

Ringo loves to be held like a show cat
Okay, Ringo might know a little bit what a handsome man he is. Good-natured, even-tempered, and extremely social, this almost sculptural white boy loves to be held like a show cat according to his foster dad. Bonder, on the other hand, is totally oblivious to his striking looks. Indeed, pictures can not adequately capture the awesomeness of Bonder's whiskers - long and flared as in "curious kitty" mode - so both the eyes and the whiskers are the mirrors of this dude's soul.
Bonder and his seriously awesome whiskers

A true yin and yang, these boys are a lovely balance and bring endless entertainment to their foster dad. While they enjoy a bit of roughhousing with one another from time to time as boys do, generally these guys are pretty chill and enjoy human companionship. Ringo, in particular, likes to sleep at the foot of the bed.

If you are looking for sweet, unassuming, furry boys to add to your life, contact Cindy at 773.203.0215 or to meet Ringo and Bonder.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

An Unbreakable Spirit

When Hope was rescued earlier this year, she proved a spirit cannot be broken. Likely a cat abandoned, the streets were especially harsh for this girl as she sustained many injuries before finding her way into the safety of Chicago Cat Rescue's care. Immediately Hope demonstrated her faith in people and rewarded those who mended her body with loads of purrs and affection. Fully mended and with tons of love to give, Hope is seeking her forever home.

Hope astounds her foster momma daily
As life in her current foster home proves, Hope gets along well with any biped or quadraped (that is kitties or doggies) that comes her way, and she'll show them a cat doesn't need a tail to maintain her balance. Daily Hope astounds her foster momma with her amazing agility and balance. The girl can stick any landing! Foster momma is endlessly amused by the antics of this sweet, silly girl who pounces on that dang red laser dot in the most charming way - the "eternal kitten" she calls her.

To meet our lovely Hope contact Cindy at 773.203.0215 or

Saturday, November 2, 2013

My brother from another mother

I recently had the pleasure of visiting with Hobo and Jax and their foster mum. You should see the camera roll! These boys are entertaining! It really took me back. I grew up the youngest of four with three older brothers. There's really something about brotherly love, isn't there? One minute they are clocking one another on the head, and the next, one does something really sweet for the other. That was on full display during my visit with these two really handsome boys.

While Hobo and Jax are not from the same litter, their rescue stories are quite similar. As single young males out on the street, they were both friendly and won the hearts of people who knew the street was not the place for either boy. Calls to Chicago Cat Rescue brought Hobo and Jax into our care and through our foster program we were able to match the boys together in a home where we'd hope they'd hit it off. It was beyond what we'd hoped for - the boys were a perfect match, a perfect balance. Hobo was an exuberant guy who needed a pal to take off a little edge. Jax was a bit reluctant and needed a buddy to show him the way. Balance achieved!
Jax gives Hobo a raspberry. Brothers.

Upon my visit, I was greeted at the door by both boys. One suspects they would have opened the door if they knew how! Without hesitation they joined foster mum in welcoming me into the home. The open floor plan allowed the boys to show me their athleticism fully. Hobo is a big, muscular cat - more the alpha and yet very generous in play with Jax, kinda like the big brother who steps back so the younger can have a good go at something. His deep charcoal grey coat is stunning and when the light hits it just right you can see some very gentle striping. Jax, as you can see, is a pretty boy. His foster mom pointed out, as she lifted his front legs and rubbed his tummy, that he is covered in belly fur. OMG. Yes, Jax's coat, head to toe, is all belly fur-soft. Of course, this pretty boy can hold his own with Hobo when they roughhouse a bit, as brothers do!

So, if you or someone you know is looking for feline companionship in the form of two handsome, wildly entertaining boys contact Cindy at 773.203.0215 or to meet Hobo and Jax. These boys are well-suited for a home with adults and older children.