Saturday, November 9, 2013

An Unbreakable Spirit

When Hope was rescued earlier this year, she proved a spirit cannot be broken. Likely a cat abandoned, the streets were especially harsh for this girl as she sustained many injuries before finding her way into the safety of Chicago Cat Rescue's care. Immediately Hope demonstrated her faith in people and rewarded those who mended her body with loads of purrs and affection. Fully mended and with tons of love to give, Hope is seeking her forever home.

Hope astounds her foster momma daily
As life in her current foster home proves, Hope gets along well with any biped or quadraped (that is kitties or doggies) that comes her way, and she'll show them a cat doesn't need a tail to maintain her balance. Daily Hope astounds her foster momma with her amazing agility and balance. The girl can stick any landing! Foster momma is endlessly amused by the antics of this sweet, silly girl who pounces on that dang red laser dot in the most charming way - the "eternal kitten" she calls her.

To meet our lovely Hope contact Cindy at 773.203.0215 or

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