Saturday, November 30, 2013

'cause you got purrsonality

Meet Fuzzy and Princess, two darling kittens rescued, along with their nursing mothers, from the same feral colony when they were less than two weeks old. This little boy and girl have been fostered together since rescue and would be wonderful companions for you and one another for life. They are individually available for adoption as well if you are looking for a playmate for a kitten already in your home. Chicago Cat Rescue places kittens in pairs or in homes with a young, playful cat in need of a playmate. Kittens (like most cats!) are happiest with a feline companion, but in kittenhood, with its special developmental tasks, the need for a playmate is crucial.

Foster mom has loads to share about these cuties; so, read on for her insights. 

Fuzzy loves belly rubs
Fuzz or Fuzzy or Fuzzball is a relentless cuddler, a funny sleeper and he purrs like a semi. He plays well with others and by himself with his toys. Fuzzy uses his fluffy body to let you know what he's thinking as he isn't much of a talker - he'll let you know he loves belly rubs. Foster mom says coyly, "Did I mention he likes to cuddle? Right under your chin? So he can paw your nose?"

Princess loves morning baths

Princess loves morning baths, cuddles and yogurt. This little gal is mellow and is quite partial to a comfy lap...but she likes to tumble with Fuzzy equally well and can handle her own. Princess also loves burrowing into warm towels and investigating vacuums.

If you are looking to add some sweet, little purrsonalities to your life, contact Cindy at 773.203.0215 or to set up a meet-and-greet with Fuzzy and Princess.

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