Saturday, November 2, 2013

My brother from another mother

I recently had the pleasure of visiting with Hobo and Jax and their foster mum. You should see the camera roll! These boys are entertaining! It really took me back. I grew up the youngest of four with three older brothers. There's really something about brotherly love, isn't there? One minute they are clocking one another on the head, and the next, one does something really sweet for the other. That was on full display during my visit with these two really handsome boys.

While Hobo and Jax are not from the same litter, their rescue stories are quite similar. As single young males out on the street, they were both friendly and won the hearts of people who knew the street was not the place for either boy. Calls to Chicago Cat Rescue brought Hobo and Jax into our care and through our foster program we were able to match the boys together in a home where we'd hope they'd hit it off. It was beyond what we'd hoped for - the boys were a perfect match, a perfect balance. Hobo was an exuberant guy who needed a pal to take off a little edge. Jax was a bit reluctant and needed a buddy to show him the way. Balance achieved!
Jax gives Hobo a raspberry. Brothers.

Upon my visit, I was greeted at the door by both boys. One suspects they would have opened the door if they knew how! Without hesitation they joined foster mum in welcoming me into the home. The open floor plan allowed the boys to show me their athleticism fully. Hobo is a big, muscular cat - more the alpha and yet very generous in play with Jax, kinda like the big brother who steps back so the younger can have a good go at something. His deep charcoal grey coat is stunning and when the light hits it just right you can see some very gentle striping. Jax, as you can see, is a pretty boy. His foster mom pointed out, as she lifted his front legs and rubbed his tummy, that he is covered in belly fur. OMG. Yes, Jax's coat, head to toe, is all belly fur-soft. Of course, this pretty boy can hold his own with Hobo when they roughhouse a bit, as brothers do!

So, if you or someone you know is looking for feline companionship in the form of two handsome, wildly entertaining boys contact Cindy at 773.203.0215 or to meet Hobo and Jax. These boys are well-suited for a home with adults and older children.

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