Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Join us in our mission to save lives. One cat at a time.

A New Year’s Plea and Promise from Chicago Cat Rescue

2013 proved to be a year of firsts for Chicago Cat Rescue, many of which could not have happened without your generosity and support. This year, we saved more lives, found more forever homes, co-hosted the debut of the Internet Cat Video Festival, and experienced record-breaking turnout for our signature event, Sexy Black, which raises awareness for black cats and dogs.  All good firsts!  A not so good first for CCR, is that our end-of-year financial picture is currently colored “red”.  We aren’t fond of that color, and we are asking for your help!

Born feral, now socialized adoptable kittens
Animal rescue is a heart wrenching and unpredictable business.  We strive daily to balance the pull of our passion against harsh business decisions, and we readily admit that our passion has taken the upper hand too much of the time.  Emotional decisions most assuredly cost money, but the situations that move us most go to the heart of why we founded CCR.  We are drawn to the plight of animals for whom no options exist; the animals who subsist outside of any safety net of help.

In 2013, we experienced a significant increase in the number of pleas for help for abandoned cats and kittens that were sick, injured or living in life-threatening situations.  Here are a few of their stories:

In January, we sought to help an injured cat, riddled with open wounds and dragging her back leg.  In sub-zero temperatures, we rescued our Hope.  But the story doesn’t end there.  We rescued a total of nine incredibly friendly cats from that location.  Had we yet raised the funds to support their rescue?  No.  But there was no chance we would leave those cats behind.

Thackery Binx of the Sweetheart Seven
In March, we were alerted to a feral mom who had given birth in a garage.  We discovered that one family remained in the garage, while another mom had moved her kittens to a nearby junkyard.  Not an easy place to find a litter of kittens.  Well, we found ‘em - FOUR moms and 17 kittens!

In May, a stormy, late night trip to the U of IL’s vet school resulted in a caravan back to the Windy City, with seven 6-week-old kittens in tow.  Tornado sirens had dispatched everyone to the basement, including a box of kittens found abandoned by the side of a road.  A trip to the vet’s and a tornado saved our soon-to-be-known Sweetheart Seven!
Avery, before and after

In July, we learned of a kitten with a large, bloody mass that protruded from his rear.  This baby was suffering from a prolapsed rectum, which, if left untreated, would result in a horrible death.  Traps were set.  In went Avery, as did a “surprise” kitten, Hazel – Avery’s sister.  Avery received the medical care he required, and both kittens are adoption ready!    

September.  Molly was an 8 month old kitten who was abandoned in a building hallway.  A CCR adopter took Molly in – then called us for help!  The following day, it became apparent that Molly needed immediate medical attention.  She was suffering from pyometra, a life-threatening infection of the uterus.  After two weeks of hospitalization, Molly was ready to be moved to a foster home.  This spunky girl is now doing beautifully.
Molly, now thriving

These stories reflect just a handful of the hundreds of pleas for help we received this past year.  We helped whenever we could, and sometimes, we rose to the occasion when we didn’t have the resources.  2013 was a challenging year for Chicago Cat Rescue, and we must now ask for your help.  We need to raise $7300 by the end of January in order to pay off our medical and food bills, which account for over 95% of our expenses, and which are the product of our rescue work in 2013. Your contribution, large or small, will help to provide CCR with a healthy, financial start to 2014, and pave the way for us to continue our work into the coming year.  

We don’t like asking you for help to eliminate our debt.  We promise to work even harder to create new sources to fund our work and balance our bottom line.  We promise to make decisions that better reflect the needs of our organization as a whole.  We recognize that a healthy organization meets its financial obligations, and it is our goal. 

In return for your donation, we offer you this promise, as well – to provide refuge, love and uncompromising care for not only the cats and kittens currently in our program – but for those whom we have yet to meet.  We will dedicate our days and nights to helping cats and kittens in need, continue to educate the community on feline health and wellness, raise awareness for black, elderly and special needs pets, and empower people in our community to join us in our mission to save lives. One cat at a time.

Please help the cats and kittens of Chicago Cat Rescue by making a donation today. [Please see below to make an online donation.] We ask that you share this plea with your friends, family and coworkers, and that you encourage them to join our mission to save lives.  Every dollar you donate to CCR is tax-deductible.  We couldn’t be more grateful for your support. We wish you a wonderful, warm holiday season, full of furry love and whisker kisses.

Thank You!

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