Saturday, January 26, 2013

Benefits of a Multi-Cat Household

While we may think of cats as solitary animals, many cats actually prefer the company of other felines to being alone. There are many benefits to having multiple cats. Pairs of cats keep each other company. How much of your day do you really have to devote to your cat? Chances are you work out of the home and are gone for the better part of the day, when you come home you have bills to pay, dinner to cook; then it's off to bed for 8 hours, leaving you with a few hours, at most, to spend with your cat. That's a lot of time for a cat to keep herself occupied on her own.

While you cat probably spends most of the day sleeping, she also spends lots of it looking for mental stimulation. If you have multiple cats, they can keep each other occupied by playing together. Single cats, especially single kittens, are much more likely to knock things off shelves and dressers, climb the blinds, bother the plants, explore (and chew on!) cords, and generally engage in naughty kitty behavior, even if given toys.

Nutmeg and Ray Ray love playing together!
Pairs of cats are able to wrestle and chase each other, thus burning off energy and getting enough mental stimulation to keep them out of trouble. Kittens need other kittens to play and wrestle with so they can learn boundaries. Play wrestling is such an important part of kitten development, it teaches kittens just how hard they can bite without hurting and gives them appropriate wrestling outlets, as opposed to your hands and feet.

Having multiple cats is also a great way to keep your cat from being lonely. Even if the cats don't play together, they will still be keeping each other company. Many cats will snuggle with each other, or at least sleep in the same room. Just like humans a cat may not want attention or company all the time, but will be content knowing there is a companion near by.

If you are worried that caring for multiple cats is more work or more expense relax. Caring for two cats is just as easy as caring for one. You put down two dishes of food instead of one, and have slightly more waste matter to remove from your litter box. You will buy slightly more food and litter than for a single cat, but not a substantial amount.

If you are certain you only want a single cat, talk to the shelter you are adopting from, they are certain to have a few cats who prefer to be single cats. A single kitten is not a good idea, and most shelters or rescue groups will only adopt kittens out in pairs.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Getting to Know Each Other

Ravyn, now Lola and her new human sister Laine getting to know each other. Congratulations to Ravyn and her new family!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Food Drive a Huge Success!

We just wanted to give a quick Thank You to everyone who donated cans of Wellness during our December Canned Food Drive!

Thanks to your help we collected over 250 cans of Wellness during the month of December. Each can will get put to good use by the cats and kittens in our care - providing them with delicious, grain-free nutrition! To read more about why we love Wellness Cat Food read our previous post.

Another official food drive is set for this spring, but Wellness food donations can be accepted at any time! Drop off or have shipped to Mid North Animal Hospital during their open hours - We appreciate your support!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wishing You a Healthy, Happy New Year!

In 2013, Chicago Cat Rescue will begin our 7th year of helping homeless cats and kittens in Chicago. It seems like such a short time ago that a handful of women began a grassroots rescue organization, united and fueled by our commitment to improve the lives of animals.  Each year, we have grown, helping more and more cats and kittens in need.  To date, we have saved hundreds of lives and found loving, forever homes for many.

But we don't act alone in helping the homeless animals of Chicago.  We are humbled by the wonderful people we have met along the way, who believe in our mission and have offered their support.

As 2012 comes to an end, we'd like to share with you some of the stories that made 2012 such a memorable year for Chicago Cat Rescue.  These stories represent what is at the heart of Chicago Cat Rescue; our animals, our dedicated foster parents and volunteers, and our happy endings.

Lulu's Gang at 10 Days Old
Our Animals

Remember these bundles of joy? Spring is the sign of warm weather ahead, trees blooming, new beginnings - and for those of us who do rescue work - lots of kittens born on the streets!  In the Spring of 2012, Lulu, a very, very pregnant feral cat, was discovered in a north side alley.  It was apparent that time was of the essence to rescue Lulu before her babies were born.  With the help of a neighborhood resident, who spent many nights monitering our trap,  Lulu was caught - and literally, just in the nick of time.  Three days later, this adolescent cat gave birth to seven bouncing babies, infamously known as Lulu's Gang!  Although they were born of and cared for by a feral mom, Lulu's Gang grew up to be social, fun-loving kittens!  Thanks to some upfront persistence and dedication, all seven kittens now enjoy safe, love-filled lives off the streets.  Lulu's story is both an important and a typical one in the world of rescue.  Trapping and sterilizing feral cats, as well as socializing their kittens, helps to stop untold generations of feral felines from living lives of quiet desperation.

Eden with Zambezi / Daniel with Jacque
Our Fosters and Volunteers

Meet Eden and Daniel - foster parents and volunteers extraordinaire!  Chicago Cat Rescue reunited with our former adopters a couple years ago, after they reached out to Chicago Cat Rescue for health advice for one of their cats.  Since then, Eden and Daniel have become an integral part of Chicago Cat Rescue.  Currently, this doting couple fosters a quartet of kittens - Zambezi, Jacque, Gimlet and Max (who are now available for adoption!), help network in our community, seek and secure sources of funding, as well as run all around town to kitty-sit for vacationing foster families! Eden and Daniel also recently added a new feline member to their family, Arlo - who quite possibly might be the luckiest boy in the world!  Thank you, Eden and Daniel, for all your efforts to help!

Handsome Arlo 
A Happy Ending

Meet Arlo!  Arlo was rescued by Chicago Cat Rescue early in 2012, after he was abandoned, along with his three light colored siblings, to a rural pound.  Chicago Cat Rescue received word that Arlo's siblings had been pulled by another rescue group - but this beautiful gray boy had been left behind.  Chicago Cat Rescue claimed Arlo as our own before he was destroyed. Until Arlo arrived in Chicago, we had no idea that this terribly frightened cat had suffered some type of severe trauma.  Based on his scars, it appeared that some type of cord or wire had been pulled through the corners of his mouth.  The poor boy's cheeks bore gaping, infected wounds. The wounds have now healed, as has his soul, as Arlo has found his forever home with Eden and Daniel, our wonderful volunteers and loving caregivers. 

Your support has helped make stories like these possible.  To those of you who have donated money, goods or services, we thank you.  To those of you who have opened your homes to a homeless cat or kitten, we thank you.  To those of you who have volunteered your time, attended a fundraiser or offered up a professional skill, we thank you.  To those of you who feed and care for homeless and feral cats, we thank you.  To those of you who help spread awareness of the issues surrounding pet overpopulation and the challenges faced by homeless animals, we thank you.  And, to those of you who have adopted your furry family members from Chicago Cat Rescue, or another rescue group or shelter in Chicago, we thank you.  Each of us can make a difference in our own way, so please keep up the good work!

We wish it weren't so, but our work never ends.  The need during these difficult economic times is great, and there remains so much more that can and should be done.  In 2013, our commitment to save and improve lives is stronger than ever.  With your help, we will rescue and find forever homes for more cats and kittens, expand our awareness campaign on behalf of homeless black animals who face special challenges, grow our core team of volunteers and foster parents, and develop additional tools that can be shared with our community to empower newcomers to join us in improving the lives of animals.

If you haven't already, be sure to join us on Facebook, so that you can stay abreast of our work and learn how you can join in our mission to help Chicago's homeless cats.  If you are interested in
volunteering or fostering for Chicago Cat Rescue, please contact us - /;'
we'd will be thrilled to hear from

On behalf of the animals, THANK YOU.  We look forward to your continued friendship and support in 2013!  Happy New Year!


Team - Chicago Cat Rescue