Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Help Chicago Cat Rescue Win up to $20,000!

Chicago Cat Rescue has the chance to win $20,000, but we need your help. Kriser's For Your Pet's All-Natural Life, a chain of natural pet food stores in Chicago, California and Colorado, is running their Christmas in July Contest again. This week is the nomination stage, if we get enough nominations we move on to the next stage. Please nominate Chicago Cat Rescue!

Nominating us is easy, all you have to do is click here to send an e-mail to  saying you nominate Chicago Cat Rescue for their Christmas in July contest. It's that simple! Nominations must be received by Midnight on Friday, June 28.

If you have already nominated us, please share with your friends and family, as we need all the nominations we can get to move on to the voting round!

You can read more about the contest at Kriser's Facebook page.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Adopt Me of the Week : Nicole

Are you looking for a loving, snuggly, playful cat who would be fine as a single cat? If so you really need to meet Nicole! This long haired beauty is perfectly, make that purrfectly, happy being the queen of her realm; as long as she has a humane to share it with. Her foster mom describes her as social, curious, and vocal in her demands, and always interested in being part of the action.  She writes of Nicole  “We've said that she'd make a good family cat because she really does have enough energy to play with kids (but also the wisdom to retreat from toddlers) or energetic adults, and her need for attention exceeds one working person's time unless that person has no social life. I think she'd be unhappy if she didn't get lots of people time.”

Nicole greets her foster mom at the door, and is fond of following her on walks to and from the kitchen, perhaps in hopes of finding something delicious in her food bowl? She has also been known to climb on top of people if they stay in one spot for too long, so she can be as close as possible to them. When she is not looking for attention from a nearby person, she can be found playing. She loves to pounce on toys, her favorite being her sparkle balls. Nicole’s playful curiosity leads her to leap and bat at anything that dangles from backpack straps to headphones to laundry on a drying rack.  

While Nicole is a curious girl, she can be nervous at first around new people and new objects. Her foster mom says “unfamiliar objects are definitely suspect and often greeted with a loud long hiss and a rapid retreat.” Can’t you just see this girl sneaking up on the vacuum cleaner, tentatively swatting at it then running away? Now that she feels comfortable in her foster home, Nicole is very interested in seeking the attention of visitors 

As self proclaimed queen, Nicole knows what she wants. Or, at least she thinks she does. Like any cat Nicole has a predisposition to change her mind quite frequently. Nicole will also tell you when she has had enough, usually with a glare that can’t be ignored. 

 Nicole is beautiful and knows it. Yet she doesn't let that go to her head. She is the perfect balance independent feline and constant companion. Nicole has the best of everything-looks, personality and grace. With all that in one package why would you need another cat? Or so Nicole seems to think; she doesn't do very well with other cats and would like to be the queen of her domain. If you are interested in adopting Nicole please e-mail Cindy or call her at 73.203.0215.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Adopt Me: Frankie and Q-Bert

Frankie and Q-Bert are a wonderful pair of boys looking for their forever homes.
Meet Frankie and Q-Bert. These two young, handsome boys are currently being fostered together. These two do not need to be adopted together, but they do both need to be in a home with another feline companion. If you are looking for a pair of cats they would be a great pair! Their foster mom reports that Frankie is more playful than Q-Bert while Q-Bert would prefer to lay around snuggling with you. They would both be great companions for a first time cat owner or for a young family!  These boys both love people too!

 Frankie is a wonderfully sweet and active young boy! He will be the first to greet you at the door when you get home. He is also the first to be ready for a game of pounce when you pull out the cat toys. This stunningly handsome cat is always in motion, and would be a great companion for another young, high energy cat. Frankie loves action, whether it is playing with the other cats in his foster home, or playing with his foster mom. He has been known to pounce on his foster mom's feet when she is in bed, they move so nicely under those blankets after all! Interactive feather toys are also a hit with Frankie.

How can you resist these handsome good looks?
While Frankie loves people and getting attention he is not the type to sit and cuddle in laps for a long period. There is just too much else to do! Frankie does enjoy a good petting and the company of a loving human. He has an easy going side as well. If there is no action to be had he is perfectly happy to lounge in the window watching the action outside.

Because Frankie is such a rambunctious cat, he needs to go to a home with a feline companion. Someone high energy and active who would enjoy playing with Frankie and not mind getting pounced on now and then. A feline friend will help keep Frankie's curious, playful side from getting him in trouble. Having a friend to play with will also burn off enough energy so Frankie will enjoy a good petting and maybe even a few cuddles at the end of the day!
Q-Bert is much more mellow than Frankie. He may look rough and tumble around the edges, but Q-Bert is the sweetest, snuggliest cat you will ever meet. There are lots of surprising things about this big boy, including his tiny little voice. His mom calls it his "Mike Tyson" voice. "He often talks back to me with his little Mike Tyson voice, it melts the heart" she says.

Look at those eyes, just waiting to love someone!
He enjoys playing but is just as happy to snuggle with you. His foster mom reports that Q-Bert loves getting brushed and getting pets while lounging in your lap. He is a calm, collected boy who spends more time lounging around than playing. His foster mom says that Q-Bert is her de-stressor after work.

Q-Bert is the Ying to Frankie's Yang. They balance each other out perfectly! Their foster mom says that Q-Bert gets a little annoyed by all of Frankie's sneak attacks, but by and large these boys are great together. If you are interested in adopting Frankie or Q-Bert, please contact Cindy via e-mail or at 773.203.0215

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Internet Cat Video Film Festival is Coming to Chicago!

Chicago Cat Rescue is excited to be partnering with the Walker Art Center to bring the Internet Cat Video Film Festival to Chicago! Mark your calendars now and plan to join us on October 19, as an estimated 3,500 cat-lovers will be celebrating felines and exploring the art of internet cat videos together, at the Irish American Heritage Center. Chicago Cat Rescue plans to transform the Irish American Heritage Center (4626 N Knox Ave, Chicago) into a cat-lovers wonderland with a cat themed festival including music, family friendly cat-ivities, and special guests in addition to the film! The Internet Cat Video Film Festival is a compilation of some of the best cat videos on the internet, and is sure to be a day of fun for cat lovers of all ages! 

Last year's first-ever Internet Cat Video Festival was conceived at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis as a modest celebration to bring online communities together in the real world. The #catvidfest became its own viral phenomenon, drawing a crowd of more than 10,000 fans to the Walker's Open Field. The event caught the attention of local, national, and international audiences and media including the New York Times. For the festival’s second edition, the Walker Art Center created a touring program around the country to bring the cat-tastic videos to even more folks! 

What is this all about? Why would you want to watch cat videos with a bunch of other cat people when you can watch them on your computer? We say why not? What could be better than watching these videos with a bunch of your closest friends and other cat people? Take a few minutes to watch the video the Walker Art Center produced to capture some of the excitement from last year's event.   If you don't live in Chicago and would still like to take part in #Catvidfest, be sure to visit Walker Art Center's website to learn more about the tour schedule.

Watch for updates and details as the event approaches on Chicago Cat Rescue's Facebook page and website.  Tickets are $10.00 and will go on sale July 1st. Best of all, proceeds from Chicago’s Internet Cat Video Film Festival will benefit the animals of Chicago Cat Rescue!

If you are interested in sponsoring the festival or would like to get involved in the planning, please contact / 773.882.2439!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Adopt Me: Phoebe

This week's Adopt Me is a very special girl. Phoebe is a senior girl, 10-years old, who was rescued from a high kill facility in Indiana after she was abandoned there by her former owners. This little girl was confused and scared when we first got her. Once she was out of a cage and in a home setting again, Phoebe returned to her wonderful, loving self. Perhaps because she knows how close she came to losing her life, Phoebe is a sweet, cuddly girl who makes the most of every moment.

Her foster mom reports that Phoebe is a "snuggly attention hog" who is always near her! She loves snuggling in laps or lay touching her foster mom. She also has mastered the art of making her foster mom feel guilty for leaving the house. "When I am getting ready she sits in front of me on the floor as if it say, 'You could just stay home...'and is always at the door to greet me when I come home." Clearly, Phoebe is glad to have a person of her own again and would love to have a family to call her own forever.

Even though Phoebe loves to be close to her foster mom, like all of us Phoebe also enjoys her alone time. Being an older lady Phoebe has her cantankerous moments, mostly if there is too much activity or loud noises. She prefers a quiet home, so no young children or wild parties for her please! She certainly knows what she wants and is not afraid to tell you if you deviate from her desires! She loves to soak in a pool of sunlight on the bed, or while gazing out the window. Who knows what this lovely lady ponders when she window gazes, but we bet it involves a loving family and a soft bed!
Phoebe in one of her playful moments!

For a mature cat Phoebe still is quite active! When not lounging next to her foster mom or guarding the neighborhood from her watchtower, Phoebe loves to play! Catnip mice are her favorite, she loves pouncing on them and even brings them to her foster mom in bed at 6am to get her to play. If a catnip mouse isn't around she practices her pouncing skills on ribbons! What cat doesn't love ribbons? Phoebe is also very found of practicing her "attack" skills on "anything that moves" reports her foster mom.

Phoebe may be technically a senior cat, but she acts like a younger girl. As a mature lady she is the  cat for someone looking for a quiet, demure companion. She has enough spunk to keep you entertained with her feline antics though! She looks forward to many more years in a quite, loving home of her own with people who won't give up on her just because she is old.e-mail or at 773.203.0215. 

If you are interested in meeting Phoebe please contact Cindy via