Thursday, March 27, 2014

Adorable, Kissable, Undeniably Sweet

Meet Red and Edelweiss. Simply adorable kitten siblings available for adoption! In addition to providing you with insightful bios on these kits via this blog post, we are seeking to raise awareness about Feline Leukemia Virus as Reddington (Red) is FeLV+.

So, let's tackle FeLV first. One of the biggest misconceptions about Feline Leukemia Virus, which suppresses a cat's immune system, is that an FeLV cat won't live very long and will be ill and suffering for the duration of his/her life. The truth is, there are many variables that come into play which determine how FeLV will affect a particular cat. A stress-free environment, a diet rich with quality proteins and moisture, added supplements and good health care can make a great impact on the longevity and quality of a FeLV cats life. We've heard of an FeLV cat who has lived to be over 21 years old! 

Edelweiss and her foster mom
Red, sweetness
Adopters of Red, or any FeLV cat, just need to be aware that FeLV cats may have a shorter life span and need to be taken to a veterinarian for check ups twice a year, or, of course, as soon as a problem is noted. Regardless of the length of their life, a cat with the virus can lead an incredibly happy life, just like any other cat.
Red is a happy kitten ready for a fabulously fun-filled life, with his baby sister, Edelweiss. He absolutely adores his little sis and they are a bonded pair. Chicago Cat Rescue is committed to supporting bonded pairs and as such will ensure these siblings find their forever home together.

Small and white. Clean and bright. Edelweiss loves to play hours of fetch with her sparkly pink ball (her absolute fav!). She is your typical girlie, girl - obsessed with the color pink and things that sparkle, and likes to blow kisses to her foster mom! Edelweiss is spunky, outgoing and outrageously affectionate. She is the leader of her pack of two!

Red and Edelweiss started their lives off as feral kittens, born of a feral mother living in the woods. How these two babies survived all the dangers of life in the forest, we'll never know, but one thing is for sure - these two sweethearts are thrilled those days are behind them! If these sweet siblings + you might = forever home, contact  Julie at or 773.882.2439.

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