Saturday, March 1, 2014

And hilarity ensues

"Good gravy, these boys are just such joys," says foster mom. Meet adoptable kittens Rugby and Scooby, two silly brothers.

It's game on with Rugby!
Rugby is that perfect mix of rough and tumble boy and being just a doll. Always ready for a good match with his bro, Rugby also enjoys a nice nap in a cat tree where he sleeps like a little angel. Rugby has bold, traditional tabby marking on his plush coat.

Scooby loves a snack!
Plucky, funny, and all-around cutie Scooby is a boy to meet. In all our years of rescue we've never seen a kit with a coat as unique as Scooby's. His coat is flecked on his backside and set against traditional tabby markings on his belly. As for Scooby's paws, they are silver, yes, silver! That coat set against Scooby's captivating chartreuse eyes make Scooby a real stunner.

In addition to being adorable, these boys are magic! They have cameos in MagiCATastrophe, the first film in a new web series by Chicago filmmakers Alana Grelyak and Michael Gabriele, which you can watch at

The series is based on the premise that "funny things happen when cats appear." Each episode will feature cats in comedic situations and spotlight a topic in animal rescue along with an organization the couple feels is doing good work helping pets find homes. Chicago Cat Rescue is honored to have been able to contribute to the inaugural film which puts a spotlight on kitten season.

To meet Rugby and Scooby, contact Julie at 773.882.2439 or They are happy to give pawtographs!

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