Sunday, June 15, 2014

Considering Fostering?

Chicago Cat Rescue welcomes you to apply to serve as a foster family to a cat(s) or kittens in our care. As a completely foster-based rescue, Chicago Cat Rescue's capacity to rescue is contingent upon a growing foster home network.
Rescued June 2013

We know you have questions about fostering and are available to address them. A FAQ is in development. Cindy and Julie are open to chat any time though about your unique situation and how serving as a foster home may fit - and enrich! - your home. Cindy can be contacted at and Julie at

The benefits to the cats in our care of living in foster homes is enormous and it is equally beneficial to potential adopters who gain a sense from you as to the kit's real, "uncaged" personality. If you have other little creatures about your home, potential adopters can learn the extent to which the adoptable cat may get along well with other cats, dogs, or children of various ages. There are other pointers to this as well so we welcome homes in which the cat(s) or kittens may be the sole paws pattering about.

Rescued May 2013
"I don't know if I'm strong enough to do it." Some folks have that concern. Chicago Cat Rescue foster families find the fostering experience enjoyable, and while that transition of the kit moving to a forever home is tough, foster families know because of Chicago Cat Rescue's adoption criteria that their little one is moving into a home that will feed high-quality food, provide consistent medical care, and be a true forever home. Knowing that you helped save a life through the pure and simple act of loving is tremendously rewarding.

Please contact us to learn more and discuss how fostering Chicago Cat Rescue adoptables may fit and enrich your life. Cindy and Julie look forward to connecting with you,;

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