Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy Holidays from Chicago Cat Rescue! The holiday season is a time to embrace the upcoming year and reflect on those who have touched our hearts. As Chicago Cat Rescue begins our 9th year, we would like to express our gratitude to all of you for sustaining the worthwhile work that has saved the lives of so many abandoned cats and kittens. 
Our rescued cats are heroes, each and every one. They give new meaning to the concepts of strength and courage; the strength to endure hunger and overcome illness, the courage to overcome fear and to trust hands that once were so unkind.  They possess a marvelous ability to enrich our lives beyond measure, and the lessons they teach will remain with us forever.

They give us the energy to continue this shared journey, and not one of us would trade the experience.  We feel so fortunate to be able to help these amazing creatures and to give them a voice.

Abandoned, hungry, friendly.  Gunther's forgiving nature made him a target in his neighborhood. Witnesses saw Gunther kicked, harassed and doused with flammable liquid. Despite the abuse, Gunther remained, ever hopeful that someone would offer him food or attention.
After his hoarder was evicted, Beasley was stuffed into a small carrier and abandoned outside.  The filthy conditions left him with damaged eyes and upper respiratory issues. Now in optimal health, Beasley's resilience is shining through.  He is welcoming touch and affection, pausing more often than not for back rubs from his foster mom.
It takes unrelenting courage to raise a family of five on the streets of Chicago. Well, Sydney did just that. Underweight, frost bitten and covered in fleas, it was clear that every fiber of Sydney's being was devoted to providing the nutrition, warmth and safety that kept her little pips alive. 

To our foster parents, volunteers and supporters, you are the lifeblood of this organization.  Chicago Cat Rescue would not exist without you, and hundreds of cats and kittens would have languished or been destroyed, never having had the opportunity to enjoy life as a member of a loving family. 

To all of you who have stepped forward to support our efforts in countless ways, our gratitude is truly immeasurable.

As you plan your holiday spending and select the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, we ask that you remember the cats and kittens who remain cold, unsafe and homeless.  Please consider making a donation today, to help Chicago Cat Rescue save more at-risk cats this winter and all year long.   Donations can be made online by clicking here or by mail - Chicago Cat Rescue, PO Box 146338, Chicago IL  60614.

We wish you and your loved ones the most joyous of holiday seasons, and a happy, healthy and peaceful year to come. 

Thank you,
Chicago Cat Rescue

*Chicago Cat Rescue is a registered 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.

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