Monday, November 30, 2015

The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Handsome Paploo
I was visiting with adoptable Paploo recently, and as I sat on the ground and he rolled about wildly rubbing up against my legs, I noticed this wonderful cafe' au lait-colored patch of fur on his chin. I suppose I had just never noticed it before and it simply delighted me. My eyes move to his paws where I found myself somewhat transfixed on his "socks." My kits at home don't have "socks" so my eyes feasted on Paploo's adorable paws.

Soon my mind wandered. I thought about when one of my own sleeps on my chest and the camera phone inevitably comes out and I take a picture, maybe just of my baby's cheeks and nose so close to mine. My attention snapped back to Paploo who continued to snuggle up against me (perhaps petting me?!). I began to give him big rubbins down his back and sides. A nice solid boy. As I stroked Paploo I thought about all the bits that make up a cat and how each is so delightful but none so delightful than the whole.

We are seeking a forever home for wonderful Paploo. He is available for single cat adoption. To meet this guy contact

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Celebrating Our Senior Alums!

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month so we will take this opportunity to share with you updates on our CCR alums that were rescued and adopted as seniors. 

Forever dad Eric and his love Sabrina
Two years ago I saw senior tortie Sabrina on CCR's Facebook. She was in need of a foster home and I had recently settled into a new condo. After she moved in I immediately knew I was going to adopt her
permanently. She is a confident, sweet, and playful lady. At this point I couldn't imagine not having her in my life. It is a rewarding feeling to be able to give a senior animal a chance to live out their remaining years with comfort and love. Despite her age, Sabrina still plays like a kitten. When she is not in play mode, she loves sitting in laps and cuddling. I would encourage anyone looking to adopt a pet to consider senior animals as an option.

Forever dad Steve and his hunky Pee Wee and his rockin' Missy
I adopted Pee Wee about Summer 2012.  My longtime feline companion, Cleo, had passed away in January 2012 at 16 1/2 years old. I'd had Cleo since she was just weaned at 6 weeks of age. Pee Wee came into our lives thanks to CCR, as my other senior cat Malibu (a rescue) had not adjusted well to Cleo's absence even though she and Cleo had never bonded closely.  Pee Wee - the handsome, big built Tux that he is - instantly won my heart with his gentleness and loving nature.  It would not be until the next winter that he and Malibu would bond and start grooming each other and snuggling together, but they grew close.

So when Malibu passed suddenly in August 2014, Pee Wee and I were both heartbroken.  I gave us both a few months to grieve, but Pee Wee was obviously lonely so I reached out to Cindy and CCR once again to discuss adopting another senior as a companion for Pee Wee (and myself).  Missy came directly to us via CCR as a rescue from a high kill shelter in Indiana.  Like Pee Wee, Missy adjusted quickly to her new home. They are still working on their relationship, but Dad suspects that they secretly snuggle while he is away at work, etc.  They certainly like to play chase and have "boxing" matches when I am at home.

I first adopted Pee Wee as a senior as I did not feel it fair to Malibu to bring in a much younger cat, especially since she was such a laid back diva.  But when really thinking about it all, it was also because I know that seniors are often overlooked.  Many folks just don't want to deal with the reality that a senior will only be a part of their lives for a few years (if that). But that doesn't mean that they are any less deserving of a loving home where they can live full lives for however ever long they might have - whether it be one year, two or ten more. Then came Missy, another senior, and I've pretty much made up my mind -  I'll forever be a guy that provides a home for a senior cat or two in need of love, comfort and a place to enjoy a good life until time to cross the rainbow bridge. I'm no spring chicken myself, so the mature yet playful nature of a senior is a good match for us all.

Forever mom and dad Joy and Jonathan and their meowl Miss Chrissy

A year ago an eighteen-year old calico skeleton with gangly legs was delivered to our apartment and took residence under the bed in the spare room, from which occasional screeches emerged. This was Miss Chrissy, deaf, hyperthyroid, emaciated, and suffering from kidney failure and muscular weakness in her hind legs. Her owner had died, no relative could take her, and the owner’s niece was caring for her daily - except "daily" seemed to mean "weekly." The only object which was overflowing in the empty apartment was the litter box. A year later, Miss Screech Owl, rescued by Chicago Cat Rescue, is still gangly and skinny, has taken charge of the top of the bed and is highly motivated to displace the other cats, one by one, from their food dishes with a baleful stare and stealthy approach. She prefers to begin her day around 5:30 a.m. with FOOD, and she announces herself - usually on your head - with her trademark screech (which she cannot hear). She is a spunky, quirky and amusing kitty whom we love very much. Adopt an older cat!