Monday, November 30, 2015

The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Handsome Paploo
I was visiting with adoptable Paploo recently, and as I sat on the ground and he rolled about wildly rubbing up against my legs, I noticed this wonderful cafe' au lait-colored patch of fur on his chin. I suppose I had just never noticed it before and it simply delighted me. My eyes move to his paws where I found myself somewhat transfixed on his "socks." My kits at home don't have "socks" so my eyes feasted on Paploo's adorable paws.

Soon my mind wandered. I thought about when one of my own sleeps on my chest and the camera phone inevitably comes out and I take a picture, maybe just of my baby's cheeks and nose so close to mine. My attention snapped back to Paploo who continued to snuggle up against me (perhaps petting me?!). I began to give him big rubbins down his back and sides. A nice solid boy. As I stroked Paploo I thought about all the bits that make up a cat and how each is so delightful but none so delightful than the whole.

We are seeking a forever home for wonderful Paploo. He is available for single cat adoption. To meet this guy contact

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