Friday, May 27, 2016

Recent Rescues

Violet on the street
Thanks to support from our community by way of providing foster homes and making financial donations, the rescue efforts of Chicago Cat Rescue (CCR) continue. 

Via this post we are sharing some stories of recent cat and kitten rescues. Those interested in fostering cats or kittens as we pursue their forever homes should contact CCR foster homes are Chicago-based as our adopters come from Chicago and the Chicagoland area. Thank you for your ongoing support.

safe and under evaluation


CCR received a call from a community member about a rough-looking, friendly cat on Belmont. Poor girl is a perfect example of how abandonment impacts an animal.

In this series of pictures you see this new rescue from street to exhausted but safe in the veterinary hospital to a foster home. Named

Violet, this girl was slightly anemic and very dehydrated. Blood tests were negative. Yay! Violet is soaking up the TLC and we look forward to finding a true forever home for this 7 year old girl.

Violet in her foster home


Gallagher hoping for a chance
Well, we didn't have room at the inn, so to speak, and pulled this handsome guy anyway. That bald spot on his nose? This guy is so friendly he was rubbing up against the bars of the cage desperate for human affection. We are loading him up with TLC now! 

We got you, buddy
Black cats and dogs have the lowest adoption rates and highest euthanasia rates. Shelters and rescue groups across the country collectively experience “Black Cat/Dog Syndrome”, characterized by low adoption and high euthanasia rates of black pets. In fact, black cats are nearly two thirds less likely to be adopted than their more brightly colored compatriots.