Saturday, November 26, 2016

We couldn't make more cats Lucky without you!

As we approach the end of the year, we appreciate your consideration of support for Chicago Cat Rescue's ongoing work for homeless cats and kittens. Online donations to our medical fund can be made by selecting here and, thanks to a generous supporter, all donations made through New Year's Eve will be double through a $10,000 challenge grant! Your support allows us to rescue cats like Lucky, Gilbert, and Gallagher.

Lucky Transformed
Meet Lucky. 16 years old and out on the street after clearly being a house cat most, if not all, of his life. A CCR community member found this guy literally near death. The veterinary professionals immediately set to work when he came through the door. You can see one of the IVs in the picture on the left. We did not think about the medical bill at the time. All anyone thought about was bringing him back.

The transformation. The before and after. Almost too stunning to believe. Yes, that is 16 year old Lucky on the right. The shaved bit on his arm was where those life-saving IVs came in. So pleased to say Lucky has already found a forever home! 

Rescued Kitten Gilbert
Meet Gilbert, a kitten with a broken leg slated for euthanasia. Our doc said the break is old. It is a tough one - top of the humerus, healed badly, now it is fused with the shoulder. The decision was to keep the arm and monitor. Gilbert's wonderful foster mom is doing just that and so much more. Look at this boy! Safe and loved and not letting one bum leg slow him down! Gilbert will remain safe in Chicago Cat Rescue's care until his forever home is secured.

Gallagher, the snuggler

Meet Gallagher - Black cat. A bit shy at first. FIV+. Affectionate. Gentle. Handsome.

Gallagher could get looked over for adoption for any of the first three qualities. What potential adopters miss is a wonderfully affectionate, so gentle, somewhat petite guy who has one of the most interesting cat faces - very sculptural. Gallagher will remain safe in Chicago Cat Rescue's care until his forever home is secured.

Your donations transform lives and we thank you for your support so we can make more cats Lucky...and Gilbert...and Gallagher!