Thursday, March 15, 2018

Project Thunderdome

Things have been quiet on the Thunderdome front while we learned more about a congenital issue Momma Echo's three boys inherited. Generally speaking, the boys are healthy but Little Chief, Knox, and Sprocket all failed their eye exams! Read on for the details. We won't be shy about saying we need your financial support for the boys. The goal is $7,500. Online donations can be made by selecting here.
The brothers were born with a congenital condition that prevents normal eyelid formation. They lack eyelids that fully cover and protect their eyes and their lashes are a source of constant irritation. To get eyelids, the boys need a highly specialized surgery involves skin grafts to extend the kittens’ existing eyelids. Their new and improved lids will fully function to protect their eyes. We are anxious to move forward with these surgeries so that Little Chief, Knox, and Sprocket can enjoy normal lives and find their forever homes. Please help us provide for their care by donating to our Thunderdome Project.